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Player's Guide
Basic Game Controls
Posted On: 8/11/2012 4:35 PM
Revised On: 8/13/2012 6:03 AM
By: DarKPenguiN

Basic Controls

Moving your character - Hold down the right mouse button and point your cursor in the direction you wish to travel. You can also use the number pad for movement (Be sure to check the option in the options menu).

Running- is achieved by moving your cursor towards the far edge of the screen.  If using the NUMPAD you may toggle run/walk via the "5" key.

Moving items - Many items in the world can be taken by players, Hold down the left mouse button over the item you wish to pick up. Then while continuing to hold the mouse button drag the item to where you wish to put it then let go of the left mouse button. You can drag items to your pack by dragging them to your character or the brown pack button above your avatar doll. (Note: You must be close to an item on the world map or you will not be able to pick it up)

Equip/Un-Equip Items - In the same way items can be moved around the world, you can drag/drop items on and off your avatar doll on the right hand side of the game menu.

Item Information - You can get detailed item information by hovering your mouse cursor over an item or by clicking the item. A detailed item view panel will appear to the left or right of your screen. If you clicked on the item the panel will stick there until you right click to close it.

Splitting an Item Pile - Many items in the game can be condensed into item piles such as gold coins or arrows. To divide these piles simply click on the item and  in the item information panel specify the amount you wish to split the pile by.

Stacking Items- Many items you will find throughout your travels will be "stackable" (i.e. Gold, gems, arrows, food and many others). Dragging an item of this type on top of another item (either in your pack or in the game world itself) will stack these items into piles. This will help immensely towards keeping your pack organized.

Attacking - Use tab to set or change your attack target. Your character will automatically swing or fire at your attack target when it is close enough to hit. Some items such as barrels, powder kegs and some walls can be attacked as well. You can use Ctrl+C to stop attacking.

Targeting - When you attack or cast most spells your mouse cursor will change to a target that allows you to target another character or item in the game world. You can either target with the mouse by left clicking the object you wish to target or press the number/character on the keyboard underneath the character you wish to target.

Talking/Buying/Selling/etc - Many NPCS will talk to you or buy/sell goods with you, to speak with them simply move relatively close to them and double click on them.

Closing Containers and Menus - Most menus will have an X or close button to close them. Some windows such as containers, item info panels and books do not have a close button. Simply right click on these menus to shut them.

Switching between weapons/shields: You may have an alternate right and left hand items equipped in the alt slots below your avatar doll. You may use the Alt button located above the game text box to switch between your equipped weapon and alternate slot to quickly change weapons and/or shields. You may also set a hot key to perform this action.

Casting a Spell - Spells can be cast in two ways. You can set a hot key in the options menu to cast a spell or you can cast a spell from the red spell book icon at the top of your screen.

Setting Hot Keys - Most actions in the game can be set to a hot key such as using items, using skills, casting spells, or interacting with the world. Players can set hot keys by opening the options menu (top right), and selecting the hot keys icon. Then players can use function or control key combinations for hot keys.

Opening Your Pack - You can open your pack with the brown pack button above your avatar doll to the right hand side of the screen.

Opening Character Status - You can open the character status menu for your character by clicking the teal button above your avatar doll to the right hand of the screen. Here you can set stats and change skills when you gain a level.

Toggling Transparency - You can make obstructions around your character appear translucent by toggling transparency using ALT+T or the transparency button above the text box. You can then interact with objects behind the obstructions.

Claiming an Item/Prize - If you have received an item credit from our website or won a prize in the game you can claim it by using the claim button above the text box in the game window(Appears as gold coins with a 'C' above it). Claims are always placed in your bank.

Local/Global Chat - Click on the local and global tabs above the game log to switch between locally chatting with players on your screen to chatting with all players currently logged in the game. You may optionally shut off global chat in the options menu.

Getting Support - You can get support from other player's and staff by using the support button located above the text box (Appears as a sealed letter with a red '!' and blue '?'  below the letter). You can page Fantasy Realm Online staff and have a message posted to the forums to get assistance.

Tooltips - Many tooltips are available in the game when you hover over game window buttons and other areas in the game.

Purchasing a House - Many of the houses in the Fantasy Realm Online world can be purchased by players for a down payment amount of gold and a weekly gold tax. Purchasing houses requires a premium or ultimate account upgrade. To check if a house can be purchased move close to a house sign and double click on it, a housing menu will appear if the house can be purchased.

Placing Furnishings In Your House - Furnishings can be accessed and placed from the house menu, opened by double clicking on your house sign. Only owners and residents may place furnishings in a house.

Collapsing Furnishings In Your House - To collapse furnishings you may hold shift and double click on the furnishing or click on the furnishing and choose the collapse menu option from the panel. (Note chests and containers may only be collapsed by holding shift and double clicking at the moment).

Securing Items In Your House - Furnishings and any items placed inside of a furnishing container is automatically secured. Items you wish to have displayed in your house must be frozen by using the freeze button above the text box on the game menu (Appears as a house icon with ice over top of it). Once an item is secured it will no longer decay and cannot be used or taken by guests of the house.

Un-securing/Releasing Items In Your House - Items that have been previously secured can be released by using the melt/release button located above the text box on the game menu (Appears as a house icon with a puddle in front of it). Once an item is released it can be moved by players again and will be subject to world decay.


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