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Small Fix Released
Posted On: 3/11/2019 3:16 AM
By: Chris The Avatar

A small fix/change was released tonight to fix the Demon Possession skill. Players can now possess evil characters now (like undead/orcs and goblins). Certain characters will not be possessable like Keepers of the Dead/Reapers of Life but most monsters will be.

The next small update I am working on will eliminate the "Mundane Magic" skill. The spells will be dispersed among other Magic skills. Additionally this update will also add status requirements and bonuses to weapons and armor for their use, so that there is more motivation to wear light armor/and use certain weapon types.We plan to have that update done for the end of March/Beginning of April.

From there we will be starting on our major update for late spring/early summer in June/July time frame.

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