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Gauntlet Duel System Released
Posted On: 3/3/2019 6:13 PM
By: Chris The Avatar

Greetings All,

I have released the Gauntlet Dueling System. you can read all the details from my original post:

Currently there is one Arena, once we get all the kinks worked out I will add another (Hopefully in 1 - 2 weeks). You can find the first Arena just below East Brimstone. 

In addition to the Gauntlet Duel System there were a few other fixes/changes that were implemented in this patch:

1. After removing classes last patch, the recipes in alchemy were only visible when opening your spell book and there was no tab to navigate to them. This has been corrected and an "Alchemy" tab will now appear in your book if you have any recipes. (Thanks to Khor for pointing this out)

2. Super Natural Storm would have the possibility of targeting the caster, this has also been corrected to no longer be able to select the caster as a potential target. (Thanks to Khor again)

3. Players may now freely push through Merchant and non-aggressive NPCs in towns and such. Aggressive NPCs will continue to block your passage.

I will be doing some other small patches in the coming weeks prior to starting the next major release for late spring/early summer. The next major patch will introduce a number of new quests for Chapter 2, some new spells, creatures, and items. So be sure to watch for that.

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