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Update On Allegiance System & Classes
Posted On: 12/2/2018 6:29 PM
By: Chris The Avatar

HI All,


After playing around with the different light, dark and natural buckets I found it was very limited on the number of different characters in the same class you could create. So I decided to go a different route by removing all allegiances and all classes for their tie ins to skills. This will give players the greatest flexability to define there characters. There are also some other changes around these removals:

  • The number of max skills a player can acheive is changing. This is nessecary to attempt to balance having a completely open skill set. The game will determine your max skills by dividing your current level by 13 and adding 3. So in other words every 13 levels you will be able to have another skill. You can continue to change your skilsl around in the same manner as you have been. Since the maximum skills has changed, your skill set will automatically be reduced when you login if you are past the new maximum. You will have an opportunity to adjust your skills. (Note: Skill progress will be maintained but skills will become latent and usable if not selected)
  • Good NPCs can no longer be attacked however some NPC creatures have been updated to be neutral so they can be attacked by all players. (These include Fairies, Griffins, Mushroom spawn from faries and a few others).
  • All players are considered neutral themselves. Neutral players can have both skill sets that were previously identified as good or evil.
  • Since there are no more evil players, players will no longer end up at the pitt of hell if you would die instead you will end up at heaven's gate.
  • Dark Priests are essentially vendors of the dark arts now. They can also continue to refill all players Spirit Points. (Along with Druids and Reverends)
  • Prior aggressive good/evil spells can be cast on all enemies now rather than having to be of the opposite allegiance. Evil/Good enchanted weapons can now be equipped by all players...
  • Evil towns are being adjusted to be good areas instead.
  • Since there are no more classes Merchant class skills are also available to all players.
  • Classes still exist on character creation to offer assistance to new players by automatically selecting skills for them that would be appropriate for the type of character they want to play.
  • Expect some implementation of rules and restrictions around utilization of certain skills sometime in the future. I want to see how well the new system works prior to looking at any restrictions

I am nearing ready for release, I would expect it to be done in the next couple of weeks. 

I have also been asked by some players if we can do a holiday item this year so I will see if I can put a new one together for that :-)

Merry Christmas All!

I will post back on release in the next week or two.


Chris The Avatar

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