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Replacement of Allegiance System
Posted On: 10/13/2018 8:05 PM
Revised On: 10/13/2018 8:06 PM
By: Chris The Avatar

Happy Fall everyone,

I have begun preliminary work on replacing the allegiance system. The allegiance system had originally been intended to influence where your character can go, which quests you can get, which npcs/pcs you fight and which skills your character can learn. While it was very ambitious it also was complicated for players to really understand and participate in quests/exploring with other players if they picked a different allegiance. It was also a considerable amount of work to implement new features because some features required consideration from all three allegiances. The new system will implement a single allegiance for all players, divide skills into three areas and create a more open pvp environment on the pvp server. Players may choose to have a given skill discipline in one of the following four areas:

  • Natural (Examples of skills to fall in area: Druidry, Summoning...)
  • Dark (Examples of skills to fall in area: Necromancy, Black Magic...)
  • Light (Examples of skills to fall in area: Prayer, White Magic...)

Skills that are neutral today will continue to stay neutral for the most part though a couple may be moved into the Natural skill set.

There is a lot of code to rework so its going to take some time but I think simplification of these systems will save time in the future when implementing new features in the future. I will have more information once I am further along. 

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