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Developer Account Trial Program
Posted On: 1/21/2017 9:00 PM
By: Chris The Avatar

We are currently looking for 3 – 5 c#/.NET developers to participate in a trial developer account access.

Developers will gain exclusive access nearly all game resources and be able to host their own server.

Developer Account includes access to the following:

-Nearly All c# script resources for the client and server (Over 8.5 MB of source code, this is where the majority of functionality for the game resides)

- All Graphics for use with your own Fantasy Realm Online

-Music and Sound Effects will NOT be included

-All existing maps

-Server Core as Binary (Allowing you to run your own server with up to 10 connections, with option of adding more later)

-FRO Game Maker allowing you to add/edit maps, client scripts, server scripts, graphics, music, sound, and other game resources as well as automatically build patches for your own server.

-Access to a special developer site area allowing you to ask questions, share code and more.

Developers should understand that some sections of our tool have been designed for in house use up to this point and may not be as polished as you would expect.  Additionally some external tools aside from the ones provided may be needed to make certain additions/changes, such as sound/image editing programs, and visual studio express. Developers should have advanced experience with C# and .NET Framework 3.5+.

The goal of this trial program is to solicit feedback so we can develop tutorials, FAQs and provide other resources that might be valuable to other developers interested to signing up to the program in the future.  Ultimately we hope to create a creative aspect to Fantasy Realm Online and also speed along development of our own code base.

Interested developers should contact me via The cost of the trial account is $69.99 (USD). Additional questions and information will be provided after contact... Contacting me at the address above does not guarantee access to the trial. Please note: if accepted into the program that this program may be discontinued at any time and certain conditions apply to redistributing resources of Fantasy Realm Online.

We are hoping to start the program starting sometime in late March.

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