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Title: Does anyone still play?

I keep watch of this game just in case.


Does anyone still actively play? on either server? I can't be bothered to level up on non pvp server anyway so won't set foot there.


Hope to hear from you.


PS Chris. Hope all is well with home and family life. I am playing a game that has similar qualities to this game. If you are interested - might be good to see what you can implement to make this game even better



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Title: Re: Does anyone still play?

I always wanted to get into this game and I still think it has a great charm. I think this game would be loads of fun with a populated PvP server, but unfortunately it seems like the glory days are behind me and I missed out on all the action :(

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Lord Zplinter

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Title: Re: Does anyone still play?

Sadly I only think most of us are just watching for new activity or updates, but I'm not sure anything will happen after what Chris told me in his last email.

I will be popping into the game for a time. I still love it, and I just enjoy grinding some when I have nothing else to do :) love the charm of this game. Hope some of you other fellas will join in, Maybe the game could take a new grip. :) Who knows. 


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